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Future Tech:Under-screen camera

We all have imagined in our minds how our future phones will look like and one common thing that’s stick out is in front of the phone there will be a huge display with no bezels or notch. As the smartphone tech keep improving we have seen a huge jump in screen to body ratios were earlier there were huge top and bottom bezels with relatively small side bezels.

Smartphone makers tried all the things to make a perfect screen phone from small bezel,curved display,notch,hole punch even fitting a motor to lift a front facing camera.

Development of no notch,no bezel screen phone

Samsung was the first one to reduce side bezels by curving there Displays these resulted in on side bezel .But top and bottom bezels was still there and they continue to shrink there bezels with there galaxy and note series smartphones .

Chinese manufacturer tried with various solution to get rid of the bezel first xiaomi tried by putting there camera at the bottom in there MI MIX phone to get rid of top bezels.Oppo and vivo introduced under screen finger print technology and also motorised front camera in there Apex or Concept phone first .Then came iphone X with no bottom bezel and the very infamous NOTCH that houses the front camera and other sensors other manufacturers follow the notch trend then Samsung launched there infinity display with infinity o,infinity u and infinity full display other companies too tried hole punch,waterdrop pill shaped cutouts in there displays.One plus,Xiaomi,Oppo ,Vivo tried there hands with motorised front camera to make full screen experience but with no IP RATINGS and complexities with moving motors the trend died down and more makers switching to home punch displays .

Another problem with full screen display was the earpiece ,makers like Xiaomi and sony tried making sound integrated with screen with there techs but it wasn’t as loud or full as the full earpiece sound .But now makers switched the earpiece vent to very top and it does the job pretty well for now .

But as we are moving forwards smartphone manufacturer wants a full screen experience with out any notch or bezel or camera cutouts so now they are looking towards under display camera tech .there are many companies making progress in this tech last year both OPPO and XIAOMI showed there concept phone with this tech .

Under Screen Camera tech

YFirst OPPO showed there under display tech they introduced both customized display and camera module to make the technology work. The part of the screen that is above the lens is made of a unique highly-transparent material with redesigned pixel structure to ensure optimal transmittance of light. The camera is also special - it comes with a large aperture, a big sensor, and greater pixel size to combat any light refraction.Oppo developed algorithms to enhance the camera performance without jeopardizing the display performance. But there tech is still in development and not ready for commercial use.

Xiaomi also showcased there take on under display tech by developing a display-in-a-display. It integrates a small rectangular area into the phone's display which uses a "special low-reflective glass with high transmittance." The front-facing camera sits underneath. It allows the screen to display imagery unhindered, but at the same time doesn't block light reaching the camera when in use. When not in camera mode, the transparent display works like a normal one, allowing content to be displayed in full.But there tech is also going to take some more time to be market ready.

But one company you didn’t expect will be launching the Worlds First phone with In Display front facing camera tech the company is ZTE and they are lauching ZTE AXON 20 a flagship smartphone in there Axon lineup. In a recent post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, ZTE’s President for Mobile Devices, Ni Fei, has confirmed that the company will be the first to launch a smartphone with an under-screen camera.

Future is here.....

ZTE Axon 20 5G will make use of the under-screen camera solution from China-based Visionox, which started mass production of the tech last month. Visionox will also be supplying its under-screen camera tech to other Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi, OPPO, and Huawei, and we expect to see more smartphones with its under-screen camera solution in the coming months.

We are now reaching a point were our phones will become a giant slab of uninterrupted glass and looks like our concept of futuristic phone will becoming reality sooner than we thought.

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